Sights and Sounds: Stone Town, Tanzania

"Sights and Sounds" is a new video series from the media platform For Africans by Africans (FABA). The second installment comes to us from Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage sight that used to...
videographer walking on a plane's wing

Our Passport to Yours: Videography Tips with Kien Lam

A Little Bit About Me…  I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. I got interested in photography through 35mm film in college, but went on to work in finance in San Francisco...
glaciers and mountains in patagonia

Walking Across Borders in the Patagonia Mountains

Crossing a border always produces excitement and curiosity. It can be like opening a door to a new world, even though it can sometimes feel like just one more step in the travel process,...
backpacker in canyon ravine

A Silver Screen Tour of Utah: Zion National Park

The country's national parks might be closed right now, but work goes on behind the scenes to preserve their spirit of adventure and prepare them for the next generation of visitors. When Zion National...
colorful buildings on winding street

Where to Go in Scotland: Hidden Gems for Post-Quarantine Escapes

The COVID-19 pandemic has had seismic repercussions in the global travel industry and, like many aspects of our lives, the way we travel and explore the world will be different once the restrictions are...
boy and girl sitting against blue wall

Travel Video: Sights and Sounds of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

“Sights and Sounds” is a new video series from the media platform For Africans By Africans (FABA), launching its first episode with an intimate video portrait of the Côte d’Ivoire’s largest metropolis, Abidjan. Made...
cabin in mountainous foothills

Quarantine Travel Inspiration: #travelingfromhome with Joaõ Falcao

After having several trips cancelled by the pandemic, Portuguese photographer Joaõ Falcao had the idea of recounting his favorite trips from last year in a little more detail than before. He started posting recaps...
woman with smartphone sunset

How Smartphones Can Create Healthy Travel Habits

The act of using a mobile device has been integrated into our daily lives. Communication, convenience, and connections all make certain day-to-day activities easier than ever from anywhere in the world. Working hand-in-hand with...
Nomadic horsemen in Central Asia pose in front of livestock and mountains.

Central Asia: “Stans,” Silk Roads, & Soviet Ghosts

Central Asia used to be the center of the world. The Silk Road — arguably the most important trade route in history — ran through the region and set the stage for the Islamic...


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