Visiting museums might be a favorite part of travel for many art lovers, but some hotels are looking to take that same experience to a new level — by incorporating it into their lobbies and rooms. Several hotels from around the world are looking to feature new and established artists and to help them gain exposure by selling their works to guests.

As a result, those who appreciate art have been flocking to these spots in order to have a different kind of stay than they might at a regular hotel. If this sounds like an adventure that appeals to you, here are a number of accommodations looking to support the arts and to give guests a chance to peruse a gallery within their own room.

hotels with art nicole franzen
Photo by Nicole Franzen.

Shinola Hotel, Detroit

In a city currently being revitalized with new art projects, it seems only right that a hotel featuring some of Detroit’s up-and-coming artists would exist. With 129 guest rooms and retail space, the design of the hotel by Gachot was meant to complement the art featured in the Living Room. Guests can relax and have a drink while checking out some of the artwork from local and international artists decorating the area. Library Street Collective was tapped into creating the gallery where the paintings and installations are housed. 

The Opposite House, Beijing

China has recently jumped into supporting new and prominent artists by putting their work in a number of hotels in its largest cities. The Opposite House is located in Beijing, and it features a modern design and a sculpture garden featuring Guo Zilong’s “Hidden Garden.” Select artworks are also displayed in the hotel rooms and restaurants, while Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s design creates a feeling of peace. The gallery is also a great way to get away from the city and find some serenity in China’s capital.

Fitler Club, Philadelphia

hotels with art annie schlechter
Photo by Annie Schlecter.

The Rooms at Fitler Club are ideal for those looking to find some quiet after a long day of travel. Along with gorgeous artwork in the Club, guests also become members of the club for the duration of their stay, which gives them access to a world-class gym and spa, a restaurant with a menu by renowned chef Marc Vetri, collaborative workspaces, and more. The club also offers support to local artists through its artist in residence program. In exchange for their work, they are offered membership and the opportunity to work on projects.

Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Hamburg

The Louis C. Jacob collection is the star of the show at this hotel in Germany. Featuring over 500 drawings from famous artists to unknowns, you will need several different stays in order to see everything. The collection consists of works from 19th- and 20th-century artists, including Max Libermann. New artists are also on display, and effort is made in order to keep guests informed of the current art scene in Germany. All rooms have a chance for you to appreciate some art while you are on your vacation.

Majestic Hotel and Spa, Barcelona

Barcelona might be one of the best places in the world to see art, and the Majestic Hotel and Spa captured the Spanish passion for painting and sculpture in 1997, when it hosted the New Art Show. The hotel’s collection is nothing but impressive, offering visitors a chance to enjoy famous names like Picasso and Miró. In keeping with the city’s quirky flavor, you’ll also find unique murals decorating the common spaces, like the one by Philip Stanton near the hotel’s pool.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that featured local artists?

Header photo by Nicole Franzen.