Edward Barnieh (@edwardkb) is a British photographer who’s been living in Hong Kong for the past five years. His work is dedicated to the color, movement, and life that buzzes through the streets of his adopted city.

Although he’s known for his portraiture and street photography, Edward has recently taken to the sky.

A few years ago, he saw a photograph that captured Hong Kong from above — from a helicopter, to be exact. At that moment, he knew he wanted to take that idea further.

He started by taking photos out of airplane windows during takeoff and landing, then he purchased a drone to further his “research,” but he didn’t stop there. He got in contact with a helicopter company in Hong Kong and arranged to fly to their depot at the end of the day — it was his first ride above the city.

From the moment his feet dangled out of the helicopter’s open door, with his camera in hand, he was hooked.

Edward loves the challenge that aerial photography offers: capturing interesting, new angles from an overhead perspective, instead of just photographing everything because it’s exciting.

Since that first ride, he’s continued to explore his passion for aerial photography. By far, his favorite aspect of flying above Hong Kong is the quiet that it offers — a striking contrast to the sheer volume of the city’s streets.

At the end of the day, Edward never grows tired of capturing Hong Kong’s cityscape, no matter the angle.

To view more of Edward’s work, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.