HK Dichotomies

I’m continuously fascinated by the dichotomies of Hong Kong: old, run-down buildings next to sleek and modern skyscrapers, a colorful 16-person public transportation bus next to a Porsche at a red light, traditional Chinese herb and tea shops next to a Starbucks, the vertical city skyline backed by beautiful mountains and surrounded by tropical waters…I could go on and on. Here is a photo of a dichotomy, which really caught my eye: a posh coffee shop specializing in lattes of which I have never even heard, seated directly next to what appears to be a no-frills, traditional “fix-it-all” business in the Wan Chai district.


Words and Photos: Sharon Radisch

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Sharon Radisch
Sharon is a NYC-based photographer specializing in still life, travel and interiors. Although she currently lives in New York City, she has lived in Paris and traveled extensively throughout Europe, South America, Asia, India and South East Asia. In her past-life, she obtained a Master's Degree in Biology and worked in the medical research field.