Horse racing is very popular in Hong Kong. It is common to find men gathered together on the streets, watching the horse races on TV or listening to them on the radio, with their bets and the latest results in hand.  The Happy Valley Racecourse, located on Hong Kong Island’s Happy Valley district, is home to the popular races in Hong Kong. Last night a few hostel mates and I decided to head down to the racecourse to experience the excitement first-hand.


Not only is the Happy Valley Racecourse a beautifully lit architectural wonder, it is a lively space filled with energy and an enchanting view of the city skyline behind the track. General admission allows you into the grounds, where you can stand directly along the fence that surrounds the track. Outdoor beer gardens encourage a social atmosphere where you can mingle with locals, ex-pats and other tourists.


We were lucky enough to score a prime spot along the fence, enabling us to have a perfect view of the race. There was something about hearing the beat of horses’ hooves as they ran by and feeling the exciting energy of the cheering crowd, all the while having the beautiful Hong Kong skyline in the background, which made this experience truly magical.


Words and Photos: Sharon Radisch