There’s a lot you can see when you look into the glassy exterior of Vancouver’s modern skyline. The mirror-coated skyscrapers reflect not only the briny Pacific Coast waters and towering evergreen mountains that surround the metropolis, but also the tranquil spirit and diverse offerings that make it one of the most livable cities in the world.

Though it lacks the extended past of ancient cities like Rome or Paris (its history can be traced back a century and a half to a single tavern on the edge of the Hastings Mill logging property, owned by the famous “Gassy Jack” for whom the city’s popular Gastown neighborhood is named), this hub nestled in Canada’s southwestern corner has more than made up for the lost time. With a variety of lively neighborhoods, sustainable restaurants, eccentric independent shops, and opportunities for adventure, you’ll never be at a loss for exploration — all you have to do is find your path.

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A harbor town surrounded by sparkling waters and towering mountains, Vancouver certainly invites its guests to gear up for an adventure or sample the local seafood. But given the city’s vibrant atmosphere and creative energy, some of its most exciting offerings lie hidden away from all of the “Best of” listicles and “Can’t Miss” city guides. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most eccentric, out-of-the-box destinations to discover within the Pacific Coast metropolis.


Vancouver appeals to a multitude of travelers: mountain enthusiasts, forest fanatics, ocean oglers, and urban dwellers. But it’s also a favorite among photographers. If you’d like to see what all the hype is about, visit this coastal city with your camera in tow.


This bustling seaport in British Columbia is known for its cultural offerings and unique enclaves. With no less than a dozen different neighborhoods, Vancouver has a little something for everyone.


Vancouver is a city designed for every kind of adventurer, so whether you prefer high-octane thrills, quiet moments of wellness and reflection, or simply giving back to this welcoming environment by eating sustainably, we’ve compiled a few recommendations.


Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most-liveable cities, and such a ranking is partly attributed to the snow-capped mountains, evergreen forests, and Pacific Ocean that surround the city. With this in mind, Vancouver isn’t just a favorite with locals, but also amongst travelers. If you’re planning a trip here, you’ll want to consider a day trip or two — whether it’s hopping on a ferry, cruising the coastline, or making a beeline to a secret lookout, there’s truly something for every type of day-tripper.


From the brick-walled venues of Gastown to the eccentric record stores of Kitsilano, Vancouver has a distinct melody, and there are a variety of ways to tune in. Whether you want to catch a show, add a record to your collection, or simply find the right song to press play on before popping those earbuds in and stepping outside the hotel, here’s how to make your trip to Vancouver a little more musical.


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Vancouver is home to a number of unique ecosystems that span from the city’s coastal and temperate rainforests to Tofino’s choppy and wild white caps.


Vancouver has consistently ranked in the world’s most-liveable cities over the past few years.


Though Vancouver is primarily English-speaking, over half of its residents have a different first language, a nod to the city’s ethnic diversity.


Though the area was first inhabited by Canada’s Indigenous peoples, the city was named for British explorer George Vancouver, who landed in there in 1792.




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