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Welcome to a gateway to thousands of years of history, reaching back into time immemorial; a country with innovative and ambitious plans for its tourism infrastructure; and a destination just about to come into its own as it welcomes many travelers to its mystifying landmarks for the first time.


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Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

This is Saudi, home to the Arabian charm that has welcomed pilgrims and traders for centuries and one of the only places on earth you can come face-to-face with remarkable remnants of ancient civilizations.

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Quick Facts

  1. The capital of Saudi is Riyadh, where striking modern design can be found alongside well-preserved mud-brick architecture at Diriyah.
  2. Saudi is home to 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one in Al Turaif in Diriyah and four others including an expansive oasis, the old town of Jeddah, and ancient rock art inscriptions.
  3. The same society that created the iconic rock-cut tombs at Petra in Jordan created their second capital at Hegra in the Saudi governorate of AlUla, where more such tombs still stand.
  4. In addition to having the largest desert in the world in its “Empty Quarter,” Saudi is known for its rich agricultural production of dates, roses, peaches, and more in other regions.

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