Puerto Rico

Elvin and Zay grew up in tropical Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment.

Forested mountains interlaced with scenic hiking trails. A varied lineup of lively festivals throughout the year. A resilient populace that has refused to be either devastated or defined by the hurricanes that barreled through last summer. This is Puerto Rico.


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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

On this island territory that lies at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic, beauty and optimism have persisted through the hardship that struck down a year ago. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spot for a family getaway, a tropical countryside to explore on foot, or a locale in which to practice voluntourism and bring aid to the local community, Puerto Rico will welcome you with open arms.

¡Hasta Luego!

Puerto Rico Essentials



Time Zone

GMT -4


Type A, B



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All you need before you book your tickets and zip your bag!