From a thriving medieval kingdom to a center of scholarship and creativity that has withstood the test of time, Poland has emerged from a turbulent history as a country rich in culture that bridges east and west. It is a land for everyone: poets, legendary musicians, and businesspeople at the forefront of their respective fields in a rapidly modernizing world.

While Poland leads the way in technology from Warsaw, it does the same in culture from Krakow, and there are delightful pockets of heritage and innovation everywhere else in between. The country has truly arrived, and showing the world at every turn where it wants to go next. It only makes sense to listen.

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The name “Poland” literally means “land of the fields.”


Despite being in the EU, most of Poland operates on the local currency, Zloty.


According to legend, Polish society began when the hunter Lech split from his brothers Czech and Rus to settle in Gniezno.


Two Polish cities (Krakow and Wroclaw) have been named European Capitals of Culture; the former is also a UNESCO City of Literature and the latter a World Book Capital.

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