Known for its dazzling displays of modernity, China is also home to relics of its ancient past. It’s a country with incredible culture, antiquity, fast-paced living, natural wonders, and staggering metropoles.


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China Travel Guide

It’s a place beloved by adventurers, historians, photographers, writers, and every kind of traveler — a country set apart by a wall that stretches for thousands of miles and a landscape where the advent of cutting-edge technology coexists with rural villages. It’s a land filled with mythology, tradition, and awe-inspiring sights.

China is an adventure.

China Essentials



Time Zone

GMT +8


Type A, C, I


Renminbi/ Yuan

Know Before You Go

All you need before you book your tickets and zip your bag!

Explore China

In a country so big, there’s bound to be an incredible amount of sights to see, places to explore, and cities to ogle. China is

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