Wide open spaces punctuated by monolithic mesas. Statuesque forms of saguaro cacti emphasized by the setting sun. Inky skies strewn with a galaxy of stars. This is Arizona. But while the 48th state’s natural beauty is certainly a highlight, it isn’t all this incredible territory has to offer. Foodies and art aficionados will feel equally at home as outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.


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Arizona Travel Guide

Roads in Arizona feel like they stretch on forever, carving paths between towns that ooze Southwestern charm and past natural wonders. Whether you want to snap a picture at the edge of Horseshoe Bend, sleep under the stars in Sedona, or chase sunsets across the state, a road trip is the way to get there. Embrace the open road and explore all that Arizona has to offer.


Brimming with fine food and wine—and some of the best spas in the US—life is just a little more laid back on the foothills of the Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale.


Located in the heart of Metropolitan Phoenix, Tempe is a college town with a unique personality, thriving food scene and plenty of opportunity to explore.


Tucson may be Arizona’s second-largest city, but certainly not taking second place when it comes to natural beauty, fascinating history, and epicurean delights.


Arizona’s capital and largest city, Phoenix offers travelers a mixture of arts and culture, outdoor adventure, and culinary experiences that make it a not-to-be-missed destination.


A vast and ancient land with so much to offer, Arizona gives travelers the chance to experience the wonder of its natural attractions and Southwestern charm.

A Guide to StargAZing

Arizona’s 17 Dark Sky Places make the Grand Canyon State a magnet for stargazers. Under its cloudless desert skies—except perhaps in July and August when

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