It’s amazing how much good there is in the world if you’re simply willing to look for it. With this sentiment in mind, we present you with another edition of our Good News Roundup. Read on for the latest installment of uplifting headlines!

TrashTag Restored Our Faith In The Internet

Following the cheese-slice-throwing movement that infiltrated our newsfeeds for a few weeks in early March, the internet saw a social movement called the #TrashTag swoop in and take its place. The hashtag — which challenges people to get outside and pick up trash in their area — caught traction after an Arizona man posted this picture of Algerian ecologist and activist Drici Tani Younes on Facebook. Since then, people from all over the world have gotten behind the movement, and we hope it sticks around a little longer than its processed predecessor.

A group of people picking up trash in the jungle
Photo by Jackson Groves

A Canadian Pilot Saved The Day With Pizza, Naturally

In extremely Canadian news, the pilot of Air Canada Flight 608 ordered 23 pizzas to his airplane while stuck on the runway in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The plane had left Toronto for Halifax, Nova Scotia, when poor weather forced its travel path to Fredericton. With a busy tarmac and nowhere for the aircraft to turn, what was supposed to be a two-hour delay turned into eight. With a cabin full of unhappy passengers, pilot stepped in with a huge order of pepperoni and cheese, showing us the human side of airlines we all need to see every now and then.

A Peruvian woman knitting in an open field
Photo by @thecuriousfrolicker

We Explored What Happiness Means To Different Countries Around The World

One of the greatest joys of traveling is learning what makes another culture tick, and one way to measure that is by understanding what makes people happy. Happiness isn’t a straight, definitive road — that’s for sure — but understanding which values and social standards different cultures and countries emphasize is a new and exciting way to familiarize yourself with where you’re going next. That’s why we decided to take a look at a handful of regions around the world to see how they find happiness. Click here to read the full story!

Slovakia Has Elected Their First Female President

Long-time environmental activist Zuzana Čaputová became Slovakia’s first female president on March 30. Despite a lack of political experience, the 45-year-old lawyer is well-known and celebrated for her anti-corruption work and green policies, which Slovakians took a liking to, along with her emphasis on political transparency and accountability. Well done, Slovakia!

An aerial view of the California desert
Photo by @jaygold_

The Drought Is Over In The Golden State

After seven years (or 2,555 days), Californians can finally say that the drought is over. The state endured an especially horrific summer in 2018, leading to 82 casualties and $3.5 billion in damages. But this winter brought with it unusually heavy rains, which provided relief for many and hope for a more forgiving fire season next year.

Kansas City’s Government Is Going Carbon-free

Kansas City’s government plans to be using solely carbon-free electricity by 2020 (one-upping other major cities around the world who are aiming at 2030). It’s a bold undertaking, but with our climate’s current state, expediency is necessary.

Historical Steps Were Taken In New York City

Thomas Panek made history when he became the first blind runner to complete the New York City Half-Marathon on March 17. With the help of three separate guide dogs, Panek — the CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind — finished the race in two hours and 20 minutes, and inspired both abled and disabled communities along the way.

Photo by @lifedezigned

Kyrie Irving Is Bringing Clean Drinking Water To Kenya

The Boston Celtics star is showing us just how profound the power of sport can be. Through an organization called Underdogs United, Irving and other athletes auction off their jerseys and use the funds to implement clean-water initiatives across the globe. Irving, in partnership with Impact Water, is using his proceeds to bring clean water to rural schools in Kenya — a country where 41 percent of the population relies on untreated drinking water. Irving’s advocacy has since garnered attention from other athletes, with the likes of Steph Curry also getting on board.

Russian Siberian Tigers Are Making A Quiet Comeback

Out in Russia’s Far East, Siberian tigers (also known as Amur tigers) are growing in numbers. It’s a slow increase, but for an endangered species, any rise in population is a hopeful sign. Through admirable conservation efforts, we can expect to see more of these beautiful creatures continuing to spring up in eastern Russia.

Adidas is Turning Plastic Into Shoes

Since partnering with Parley for the Oceans in 2015, Adidas has been converting plastic waste found in our oceans and turning it into sportswear — most recently in the form of shoes, a pair of which can be produced from just 11 recycled plastic bottles. The company produced one million pairs that contained repurposed plastic in 2017, while five million were created in 2018. This year, Adidas aims to pump out a whopping 11 million pairs of sneakers, and put more of the world’s plastic waste to good use!

Photo by Jonathan Chung

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