Simone Lucchini is an Italian videographer specializing in creating marketing videos for ad agencies, corporate and multimedia companies. His passion for film and cinematography have infiltrated into his professional work where he uses this medium as a powerful communication tool between brands and viewers. With all the digital noise online these days, he understands that you only have about 7 seconds to capture someones attention when it comes to video. Knowing that moving images usually leave a deeper impression than written word, he recently created a series of short travel videos called Frames of Adventures. His main goal for each video is to bring each destination to life and give the viewer an exciting preview of what to expect if they visited.

Why did you decide to go to Marrakech?

I wanted to visit this beautiful city after seeing some stunning footage in a few documentaries that inspired me through the portraits and traditions of the local people. I knew that I wanted to create a video of Marrakech that showed the joy and emotions I felt as I was discovering and experiencing this new culture.


What were some of your favorite locations and travel experiences you had while you were there? 

I was quite impressed by the beauty of the koranic school Medrasa Ali Ben Youssef and the stateliness of Jemaa el Fna square. During my visit in the Medina, I ended up getting lost in in the maze like streets that lined the quarter. Instead of panicking, I decided to just go with the flow and ended up getting some amazing pictures that I wouldn’t have gotten if I followed my original plan. The most beautiful experience I had was meeting with a Moroccan merchant who showed me the process of creating typical Moroccan carpets inside a tannery. It was an emotional and sensational experience that I would definitely suggest to anyone who visits.


What type of gear did you use to capture the video and stills?

I used my favorite camera for video: Panasonic Gh4 with 12-35mm f/2.8 and Manfrotto monopod. For pictures, I used a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. 


Do you have any tips for getting the type of footage you got shooting locals, landscapes and putting those all together to make a story? 

I think that you have to really make an effort to connect, engage and earn the trust of the locals if you want to get the most authentic footage. I would also encourage people to be inspired by the environment that surrounds them and let it tell you how to document it. Usually, when I am shooting I already have a narrative in my head of how I want the video to go, but in some moments I also just go with the flow. 


After coming back from a trip with tons of footage, what is your process with piecing it all together and telling a story?

The first step is to go through all the footage and choose which shots have the best cinematography. I then spend a lot time searching for the perfect background music to go with the footage. In my opinion, inspirational background music plays an important role in making good travel videos because it helps the viewer connect more to what they are seeing. After that, I start editing alternately using ambient sequences (no people) and footage with people. I love to create emotionally slow motion and high velocity sequences mixed together because I think that is the best way to create a dynamic travel video. For editing, I use Adobe Premiere CC and Adobe After Effect CC.

simonelucchini_marrakech_alley  simonelucchini_marrakech_redalley  simonelucchini_marrakech_shopping