Shayna Pitch moved from Toronto, Canada, to a small village in Bali after her husband presented her with a completely thought-out relocation plan. Since then, the couple has enjoyed life in their little village, exploring rice paddies, chasing sunsets, adventuring in botanical gardens, and — of course — making new friends.

These are some of the faces they have come to know.  

A stylish older man enjoying a morning walk down a quiet road in Ubud.
A group of playful Balinese kids happily posing for the camera.
An older Balinese woman taking a rest among the chaos as the morning light pours into Ubud Market.
Soto Ayam (chicken soup) being prepared at the market by a beautiful Balinese woman.
Two women reacting to seeing a photo of themselves.
A young girl smiles shyly as she notices that her photo is being taken during a local ceremony.
A local farmer looks right through my lens as we shared a moment of true connection.
Shayna Pitch is a freelance photographer and graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. She specializes in portrait photography and believes that it's the people that can make any destination truly memorable.You can follow her on Instagram for daily photos from her life in Bali and her many other travels.