Dawn is a quiet time, especially on the banks of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Save for Jarvis Lawson’s music, little noise fills the still morning air.

This sense of solitude is what he prefers. Being out in nature makes time slow down.

Though he has lived in Wisconsin for the entirety of his 26 years, Jarvis’ history with photography is much briefer, though that isn’t immediately apparent when you look at his pictures.

After downloading Instagram in its infancy (2010), he was captivated by how easy it was to shoot and share photos with an iPhone. All of his friends were doing it, so he did, too. Eventually, he graduated to using a DSLR, which he received as a birthday gift in 2013. Camera in tow, Jarvis began to explore.

He refers to Wisconsin as “forgotten” territory, a state that’s wildly underrated. While others breeze over Wisconsin on their way west, Jarvis has traversed every corner of the Badger State. He’s continuously impressed by its diversity — from the hills and forests in the north to the old history intermingled with contemporary architecture in cities like Milwaukee and Madison.

Wisconsin, he explains, is a photographer’s paradise.

Drive a couple of hours in each direction and you’ll find yourself either in a hub of cultural activity or in complete solitude. As he likes to stay well-rounded, Jarvis photographs both with due diligence. Initially intrigued by architecture and photographing lines, he grew to love the feeling of photographing landscapes and nature, and the solace that accompanies it.

Jarvis has a lot on the horizon. From photographing the varied landscapes of California to preparing for his travels to Helsinki in October, his ticket to seeing the world is the result of hours exploring and photographing Wisconsin — a forgotten place to most, but to him, a home.