Imagine spending your childhood falling out of trees and running wild in Wales, camping in rural France, and exploring the rolling countrysides of Spain. These may sound like adventures straight out of a children’s storybook, but they’re actually vibrant memories from Lucy Laucht’s childhood, and the excursions that instilled an appreciation of untamed places at a young age.

Little did she know that these childhood vacations would set the pace for the rest of her life.

At 23, she decided to leave the U.K. to embark on an around-the-world trip, where she eventually met her now-husband in Bali. The duo recently left New York City after seven years, relocating to her husband’s native Australia.

With her family anchored in the U.K. and many of her work projects in the U.S., Lucy orbits between the three places with the grace only seasoned travelers can achieve.

Her travels are documented on Instagram so beautifully that an audience of over 200,000 has taken note. And, though she has amassed quite the following, her foray into photography was spurred by a keen, primary interest in storytelling. Drawn to fashion as a child, Lucy zeroed in on the visuals and written representation associated with the design process. With a photographer father and creative mother, it seemed natural that she’d eventually pursue a career that allowed her plenty of creative freedom.


After combing through thousands of unpublished photos, travel recommendations from friends and other adventurers, and stories from locals, Lucy realized that she wanted to create a place for all of this information to live. The endeavor evolved into a magazine called “These Foreign Lands.” The publication both inspires and celebrates travel based on curiosity and a desire to get off the beaten path.   

Lucy herself is always curious and always observing. If she has the time, she’ll still choose a train or bus trip over a flight in a heartbeat. She embraces solo travel as a liberating experience. And, most importantly, when she meets new people, she listens to their stories.  

As for Lucy, her adventures will continue soon. She recently returned from India, and is ready to begin all over again, suitcase and camera in hand.