Felice Cruz

TBLI VII Finalist

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Q: What mode of transportation do you think best reflects your personality? Plane, train, automobile, rickshaw, or something not on this list. Why?
A: A bike. A fragile transport but when give the oportunity it can lead you to most amazing things! It can show you the world, the body streght you never tough you had, happiness in the simple things and that all acts of love matter.You Just have to try.
Q: Where is your bucket list trip going to take you and what are you hoping to gain/take away from The Bucket List Initiative travel experience? Include a tentative itinerary.
A: My bucket list is going to take me to South Africa, the country that welcomed me to the world but that I never got to meet.
A 10 days Journey.
Starts in my birth place, Johannesburg
My mother was ill during my pregnancy with a deadline of 2 days. We’re still standing.
2nd point of the trip will be cape of good hopes.
The Portuguese discoveries are not a fairy tail.
But something I’m very proud as a Portuguese was the power of hope overcoming fear.
3rd point is Robben Island.
This country battled apartheid.
Brave individuals showed the world how courage can win.
One of those individuals is my hero, Nelson Mandela.
Hope, love and courage, to build a better world you need to learn from the past, that’s what this trip is all about!
Q: What are your creative pursuits and how would you apply them to documenting your experience?
A: I’m an actress, but lately I feel that I need to use my voice in other ways.
Help other voices and ideas grown.
When you keep yourself in communication with the world you keep it developing and evolving.
Celebrating the beauty of the world and fighting to change the downsides one step a the time.
That’s why I’m starting an youtube travel channel (something that doesn’t exist in Portugal yet), to bring awareness of how amazing different cultures are, how inspiring people that came out of the comfort zone can be, how we have manage to change our bad actions or that we’re still in time to do it.
When I see others out there changing the game, my heart beats fast waiting the opportunity for me to join in hope to pass that feeling too.
Q: Why you? Why now? Make your case.
A: We’re in a breaking point of society and life as we know, everyone can feel it, but some are afraid to see it.
Its scary to change everything we know, I can’t even imagine parisiense during the French revolution.
But most of the time the scary thing are there to show us how amazingly far we can go.
And now is the time to be unapologetic, unique, bold, to fail, but most of all to be.
For most of us the biggest challenged is to be there, make a diference, create your own history.
This is my century and I’m not letting no one else create my history for myself and I believe in a world full of history makers.
My mother is still battling cancer and a lot of times I ask myself why keep on this hard battle.
But then again I just remember that moment at the hospital before my delivery, all she had to give was hope and love.
That’s how I see my place in the world.
One video at the time, bringing us all a little bit more together.
What a better place to star that your birth place?

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