Riley Hooper

Documentary filmmaker

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When asked what I make documentaries about, my answer is simple: people. To further specify would feel inadequate to the variety of incredible human beings on this planet.



Q: In 200 characters or less, why do you want be part of #PassportToAsia?
A: In February I leave my full time job for a life in freelance film. New perspectives await. Best way to begin this adventure? A trip to the other side of the world with inspiring creatives.
Q: In 200 characters or less, tell us which of the following monkey attributes best describes you: Intelligent, curious, quick-witted, versatile, or mischievous. Why?
A: I am curious. I climb trees, sleep in the woods, jump in frigid waters. I moved across the US, drove across it twice, studied in Rome, traveled 4 continents. I make films about the people I meet.
Q: What is your creative pursuit? How might #PassportToAsia play a role in developing it?
A: As a documentary filmmaker, my goal is to connect people through storytelling. I believe in a story’s ability to incite empathy, understanding, and open mindedness — and that those qualities are what this world needs. I view any opportunity to travel and experience a place and a culture other than my own invaluable to my filmmaking. Whether I’m gathering stories or simply absorbing a new perspective and different approach to life, these experiences are infused back into my craft.
Q: Why is travel important?
A: It’s important to remember that your own way of thinking or operating in the world is not the only way. It’s important to do things that scare or provoke you. The experiences you have traveling will increase your open mindedness, which, I believe, is one of the most important qualities a person can possess. The more varied and rich your experiences, the better equipped you will be at developing relationships, sharing ideas, and solving problems big and small.

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