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Dan is a fixture in local San Francisco cafes, restaurants, pubs and publications, immortalizing everyday moments in his trusty sketchpad. His warm and canny work can be found in Edibles SF, Marin & Wine Country, The Bold Italic, on the walls of your favorite establishments, and gracing menus of tempting paper stock.



Q: In 200 characters or less, why do you want be part of #PassportToAsia?
A: A chance to join the members and mentors of @passionpassport is an opportunity to find inspiration in the world—and maybe even from the guy in Seat 12B. #PassportToAsia #manspreading @cathaypacific
Q: In 200 characters or less, tell us which of the following monkey attributes best describes you: Intelligent, curious, quick-witted, versatile, or mischievous. Why?
A: I more or less fall into the “quick-witted” category. I do take delight in noticing the humorous little things that life throws my way. Puns, wordplay, and stray observations are always appreciated!
Q: What is your creative pursuit? How might #PassportToAsia play a role in developing it?
A: I am a freelance illustrator, and I bring my sketchbook and watercolors with me wherever I go. For me, travel and art go hand in hand. My sketchbook becomes a travel journal, compiled of illustrations, tickets, receipts, cards, and the like. By the end of a trip, I will have amassed a collection of sketches of people, food, and random observations. #PassportToAsia would play an integral role by providing an chance to visit colorful places with likeminded creative and inspiring individuals.
Q: Why is travel important?
A: Getting out of your comfort zone and getting lost, and not speaking a particular language, is invigorating—and humbling. Travel, especially to new places, takes you “off auto-pilot,” forces you to think on your feet, and fosters interaction with locals and other travelers. And I think it was Mark Twain who said “travel is fatal to narrow-mindedness.”
For me, I look for the humorous, colorful and quirky aspects of the travel experience, and make note of those through observed illustrations and sketches.

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