Charlotte Hu


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Charlotte is a freelance food and wedding photographer based in London.



Q: In 200 characters or less, why do you want be part of #PassportToAsia?
A: I left China at 5 years old on a Cathay Pacific plane via Hong Kong to the UK. I’d love to return to this ever-evolving continent with a group of people whose creativity and curiosity will inspire me.
Q: In 200 characters or less, tell us which of the following monkey attributes best describes you: Intelligent, curious, quick-witted, versatile, or mischievous. Why?
A: Curious! Even though I love being sociable, I’m also a wallflower and people-watcher. Travelling shows me how people of other cultures are different but ultimately similar.
Q: What is your creative pursuit? How might #PassportToAsia play a role in developing it?
A: I am a food photographer who is always on the look-out for inspiration from other cuisines, and not afraid to give anything a try! I love how food can bring together strangers from any walk of life, acting as a global language, and would especially love to experience Cambodian or Burmese food for the first time with adventurous buddies on #PassportToAsia.
Q: Why is travel important?
A: We need to travel in order to learn from others, whether this be locals or like-minded adventurers we meet along the way. Experiencing new things – food, traditions, sights – challenges us, and can create lifelong bonds with those there with us.

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