Frequently Asked Questions

Passport To Asia

Q: Where does the trip start?
A: There will be several starting points – you will leave from the one closest to your home city.
Q: How do I get to and from Hong Kong?
A: Cathay Pacific Airways will be flying each person to and from Hong Kong from their nearest departure city!
Q: Do I have to stay with the group for the whole trip?
A: Priority will be given to applicants who can attend the entire experience. However, if you can attend only a portion, please mention this in your application.
Q: Do I have to pay for anything during the trip? How does that all work?
A: Some expenses will be accounted for courtesy of Cathay Pacific Airways and a few other sponsors, but a very limited number of snacks, meals or experiences may be covered at your expense.
Q: How much time will we spend in each destination?
A: We will be in Hong Kong for five days and the following destination for roughly 72 hours.
Q: How will the attendees be chosen?
A: Passport To Asia attendees will be selected by our mentors based on the content and quality of their applications.
Q: What if my Instagram photo isn’t professional?
A: Don’t worry about it! Just post a photo you love, with a compelling caption.
Q: Will I have a roommate during the trip?
A: Yes, you will be assigned a roommate for the trip!
Q: Where can I learn more about where Cathay Pacific Airways flies?
A: You can check out the their flight map here.