Travel Logs

Stories penned during the creative residency in Hong Kong.

  • A World Comes Together in Hong Kong
    Jon Collins
  • Stay in the moment, be present, slow down
    Sionnie LaFollette
  • A little bit of feeling goes a long way
    Alan Pedder
  • Hong Kong’s Hidden Calm
    Michelle Starin

What is Passport to Asia?

Take flight to Hong Kong and Beyond

Passion Passport partnered with Cathay Pacific Airways to send nine of our community members on a trip they’ll never forget this February. Departing from various cities, they gathered in Hong Kong for five days of mentorship and creative inspiration, similar to the experience shared by passengers on the Passport Express. From Hong Kong, smaller groups flew off to Siem Reap, Yangon, Bangkok, and Delhi, to encounter the unique tastes and textures that make Southeast Asia one of the most intriguing destinations in the world. The trip departed as Asia rings in the year of the monkey, a zodiac sign associated with people who are intelligent, clever, curious, quick-witted, and mischievous.

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Trip Details

February 16th – February 25th*

*Please refer to terms and conditions

The full group travelled on Cathay Pacific Airways flights from various cities, gathering in Hong Kong on February 16th. The first five days were an opportunity to get to know fellow travelers. There was a combination of workshops led by distinguished mentors, excursions throughout the city, and free time to explore. Smaller groups then took off for three days in their final destinations, where they had the time and space to capture these hubs of culture and creativity.

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  • Yangon
    Journey to Myanmar’s largest city to explore the inner workings of a country once hidden.
  • Siem Reap
    Travel to the spiritual center of Cambodia to explore the temples of Angkor.
  • Bangkok
    Feast your eyes on Bangkok’s lively food scene and beyond.
  • Delhi
    Dive into the diversity of one of India’s cultural cores.

Who’s Flying with Us

The following group of featured guests and community members will be joining us for the experience.


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