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Journey Coast to Coast

Passport Express

This Passport Express was the train experience of a lifetime. The journey took members of the Passion Passport community across the country for a two-week immersive travel experience with Amtrak.

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Myanmar To Hong Kong

Passport To Asia

We partnered with Cathay Pacific Airways to send nine of our community members on a trip they’ll never forget. Departing from various cities, they gathered in Hong Kong for five days of mentorship and creative inspiration.

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Conservation Meets Art

Passport To Creativity

We partnered with Adobe to send six students and three mentors on a creative assignment in the spring of 2016. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, the students captured and interpreted three of the most important conservation efforts happening around the world.

Trip Posts

Our Yearly Travel Grant

The Bucket List Initiative

The Bucket List Initiative (or TBLI as we like to call it) is a travel grant given to one lucky member of our community every year. Pick a destination, tell us why and you might be packing your bags very soon.

Journey to Senegal

The Passport Project

In June 2017, we sent Matthew Greene and his foster-son, Mohammed Ndiaye, on a journey only they could take. Before the trip, Mohammed had never traveled outside of the United States.

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Some Things Just Are

It must have been 6:30 a.m. when I woke up. There wasn’t any way to know for sure, since the electricity had been out for the past week and I’d been unable to charge...

The Pathway to Peshawar

Throughout history, Peshawar, Pakistan, has gone through many changes. It has been an imperial capital, a base for the Mujahideen, and a center of trade, education, and religion. Persians, Macedonians, Arabs, Afghans, Sikhs, and...

Photographing the Pacific Northwest With ONA Bags: A Q&A With Andrew Kearns

To celebrate Passion Passport’s five-year anniversary, we teamed up with ONA Bags and created a collection of travel-inspired camera bags in five limited-edition colors, each chosen to represent the vibrant nature of travel and...

Looking Back at the Paris Agreement: Where Are We Now?

On December 12, 2015, the world had a major reason to rejoice. It was the penultimate day of COP21, a 14-day summit in Paris that scrutinized climate change from just about every angle. The...
Anna Mazurek by the beach in Mexico

Anna Mazurek on How to Make Money While Traveling

There are a lot of reasons not to travel. “I’m afraid of flying.” “It’s too dangerous.” “I don’t have the time.” But perhaps the most common excuse is money — who among us hasn’t...