view of galaxidi greece from across bay

Galaxidi, Greece’s Hidden Gem

After visiting the historic site of Delphi in the midday heat, I desperately wanted somewhere to retreat to for the final few days of my time in Greece. Somewhere that wasn’t going to be...
sheep in a field of wildflowers

An Ireland Travel Log: At a Snail’s Pace

“Why do people kiss the Blarney Stone?” “It’s supposed to make you talk more. The ‘gift of the gab.’ So you don’t need to kiss it.” My mom swatted at my arm, in the same spot...
colorful buildings on winding street

Where to Go in Scotland: Hidden Gems for Post-Quarantine Escapes

The COVID-19 pandemic has had seismic repercussions in the global travel industry and, like many aspects of our lives, the way we travel and explore the world will be different once the restrictions are...
warsaw night market under neon lights

A Queer Immigrant Story: My Polish “Homecoming”

For many, the immigrant experience can be best described as the state of existing on the peripheries of two cultures, none of which truly feel like home. Despite attempts at assimilation, immigrants often feel...
building with blue door and sun design

What To Do in Greece, for Every Traveler

Greece is a travel junkie’s dream; with it’s golden, sandy beaches, rich ancient history, delicious cuisine, and rugged mountain scenery, there’s simply something for everyone. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, romantic escapes, beach parties...
cabin in mountainous foothills

Quarantine Travel Inspiration: #travelingfromhome with Joaõ Falcao

After having several trips cancelled by the pandemic, Portuguese photographer Joaõ Falcao had the idea of recounting his favorite trips from last year in a little more detail than before. He started posting recaps...
church on an island

Greenest City in the World: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The current pandemic has given us the opportunity to take account of how our typical international mobility impacts all of us. Perhaps this time is an opportunity to rethink the very way we travel....
meat and bread on a table

Tasting the Culture of Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain. What more can be said that hasn’t already been said about this great city? We could highlight Flamenco, that percussive artform imparted onto the region by the Roma people. Or the Cathedral...
buildings of porto portgual riverfront

Long Term House Sitting: A Home Away from Home

I rang in my 30th birthday lounging by an outdoor pool in the Portuguese countryside, overlooking a flock of flamingoes. They bathed in their pond-like enclosure while I sipped on a bubbling mimosa and...


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