empty restaurant in greece

COVID-19: The Fear and The Hope

It was the first day of summer weather. I was outside at a cafe, getting ready to meet with a friend about a project we would work on through the spring. I was also...
landscape of crete greece

The Best Meal I Ever Had Was Greek Food in Crete

I will never forget my first feature assignment for a few reasons. For one, it was absolutely the most stressful time of my life, but I also discovered the perfect fried potato amongst the...
best greek islands

Greek Islands to Visit Other than Santorini

I remember very clearly the first time I went to Santorini. It was right before the tourist season started (late April/early May), and it was stunning. I saw some great sunsets. But the first...
slovenian food

A Non-Foodie Foodie’s Guide to Slovenia

The term “foodie” conjures visions of super fancy dining, minuscule portions, rules for proper tasting, and even adventurous eating. Smushing each bite around in your mouth, letting it linger a little too long in...
instagram guide to athens

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Athens

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, you might also be imagining how your Instagram posts will look: whitewashed buildings and technicolor sunsets. Let’s be real, you won’t find this in the country’s capital...
villages in france

France’s Rural Towns You Have to Visit

Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of traveling to France, chances are you can still imagine the glittering lights of Paris, the enchanting Mont-Saint Michel, or the aqua-beauty of the French Riviera. The...
walking through moscow

A Walk through Moscow’s Historic Red Square

Moscow, Russia. To some those two words evoke images of darkness, gloom, and suspicion. But a vacation there doesn’t have to be defined by politics and associations with stereotypes. A trip here is an...
the kremlin over the moscow river

Traveling to Overcome Fear: Moscow to Malta

I always read stories from travelers about moments during their trips where time seemed to stand still, or ceased to exist altogether, to make way for the revelation that this one moment will be...
lgbtq travel in lisbon elisa michelet

Mini LGBTQ Guide to Lisbon

A majority liberal country politically, Portugal has long led the way in establishing anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation, and attitudes within its society have followed suit by becoming increasingly tolerant over the past few...


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