instagram guide to athens

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Athens

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, you might also be imagining how your Instagram posts will look: whitewashed buildings and technicolor sunsets. Let’s be real, you won’t find this in the country’s capital...
villages in france

France’s Rural Towns You Have to Visit

Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of traveling to France, chances are you can still imagine the glittering lights of Paris, the enchanting Mont-Saint Michel, or the aqua-beauty of the French Riviera. The...
walking through moscow

A Walk through Moscow’s Historic Red Square

Moscow, Russia. To some those two words evoke images of darkness, gloom, and suspicion. But a vacation there doesn’t have to be defined by politics and associations with stereotypes. A trip here is an...
the kremlin over the moscow river

Traveling to Overcome Fear: Moscow to Malta

I always read stories from travelers about moments during their trips where time seemed to stand still, or ceased to exist altogether, to make way for the revelation that this one moment will be...
lgbtq travel in lisbon elisa michelet

Mini LGBTQ Guide to Lisbon

A majority liberal country politically, Portugal has long led the way in establishing anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation, and attitudes within its society have followed suit by becoming increasingly tolerant over the past few...
spring break in europe nicola pavan

Finding Nature on a Trip through Western Europe

Everyone needs a vacay from time to time to shed your stress, to renew your spirits, and to come back with fresh vigor. What better opportunity than spring break to head out of town...
cafes culture in paris

Café Culture: Sampling Some of Paris’ Finest

Strolling through the streets of Montparnasse looking for a café on a grey Paris morning can quickly turn into a headache without some prior knowledge.  There are many historic cafés in the “City of Lights,”...
cycling in europe david marcu

Here Are the Best Areas in Europe for Cyclists

From the rolling countryside of the French Alps and the coastal views of the Mediterranean, to the rock formations of Iceland and the fjords of Norway, Europe really is home to some of the...
turkey pictures jessica fradono

Photo Essay: Cappadocia by Jessica Fradono (@thedishtance)

Jessica Fradono has made a name for herself as a photographer for some of the world’s swankiest places. After working in a corporate job for many years, she decided to follow her passion of...


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