While wandering the storied streets of Europe come Easter, you won’t have to look far to find people celebrating. One of the best expressions of early spring celebrations are Easter markets. During the long weekend (and sometimes in the weeks before or after), the host cities come together, displaying traditional outfits, handcrafted merchandise, and food, welcoming both locals and travelers. Here are a few you might want to check out this year.

Prague, Czech Republic

Over the course of Easter weekend, Prague designates a number of its city squares for vibrant Easter markets. The largest can be found in Old Town Square, not far from the famous Charles Bridge. The square will be lined with decorated wooden huts, featuring vendors just waiting for visitors. For three amazing weeks, the market is a place of endless intrigue where visitors can enjoy everything from delicately painted eggs and traditional dance to Czech food and beer samplings.

2018 Easter Market dates: March 17th to April 8th

Photo of Prague by Michelle Benton 
Photo of Prague by Klara Hajkova
Photo of Colmar by Nathalie Cassagne

Colmar, France

Nestled in France’s wine country is the town of Colmar, a place brimming with cobblestone streets and early Renaissance architecture. Come Spring, Colmar celebrates the imminent warm weather in style, showcasing the region’s best. Here you’ll find two dazzling Easter markets with only a short five minute walk between them — there is one at Place des Dominicans and another at Place de l’Ancienne Douane. While wandering between the two, enjoy the colorful attractions in the form of local crafts, food, and music.

2018 Easter Market dates: March 29th to April 15th

Krakow, Poland

Set in the city’s Rynek Glowny Grand Square (which fittingly translates to ‘main market’), Krakow’s annual Easter market is not to be missed. This market is one of the longer-lasting, as it runs through Holy Week and into Easter weekend while the frost thaws and flowers begin to bloom in southern Poland. During the festivities, there will be no shortage of handcrafted decorations, native treats and drink, and local folk music to make it a memorable experience.

2018 Easter Market dates: March 18th to April 1st

Photo of Krakow by Angel Vazquez

Vienna, Austria

One weekend of every year, the gorgeous, 1,441 room Schönbrunn Palace is taken over with Easter festivities. A scenic place to visit no matter the season, the palace is especially vibrant over this holiday weekend, when it’s decorated in bright colors and awash with vendors selling homemade crafts. In the main square, you’ll find eggs the height of humans, fascinating trinkets made from wood and glass, and delicious Austrian Easter treats.

2018 Easter Market dates: March 17th to April 2nd

Photo of Vienna by Vanessa Otto
Photo of Vienna by Vanessa Otto
Photo of Krakow by Krystyna Richer

Frankfurt, Germany

More of a lead up to the main event, the Wiesbaden Easter Market actually takes place two weeks prior to Easter weekend. But the market is an impressive one nonetheless, full of pottery, jewelry, and treats galore. There are also craft stands and an extensive display of the world’s latest car models.

2018 Easter Market dates: March 16th to 18th

Rostock, Germany

Situated on the Baltic coast of Germany is Rostock, a city of 200,000 that is home to a charming market come early April. Over the long Easter weekend, the city center hosts roughly 80 vendors of all sorts, ranging from artisan craftsmen to sweets vendors. This market also features the biggest Easter egg in the region, which is left open for new paint-jobs if you’re feeling creative and want to leave your mark.

2018 Easter Market dates: March 23rd to April 8th

Photo of Rostock by Julia Fitzner

Cover photo by Miriam Domenech