It was the colors that drew Jin Chu-Ferrer to Cartagena, Colombia.

Yellows and oranges and reds and blues and pinks and greens. Jin had been to some colorful places in the past — Hoi An, Cinque Terre, Tubingen — but Cartagena was up there with the most vibrant of cities.

She could immediately see why the entire Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city itself is known as the “Jewel of the Caribbean Coast” — it was beautiful.

As she wandered through Cartagena, camera in hand, she was awed by the Spanish colonial-style buildings, the rustic touches, and the weathered facades. The streets were narrow, buildings flanking each side — leading to an intimate, almost romantic experience.

“There’s something utterly magical and genuine about rustic Old World architecture and happy, mismatched colors,” Jin says.

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