To put it simply, Costa Brava could be considered my second home.

I can never seem to define the many feelings, emotions, and dreams that this region stirs in me. Its beaches, coves, landscapes, and people are a postcard of beauty.

Steep cliffs, lush vegetation, wild seas, endlessly long beaches, and coves of golden sand make this area of ​​the Catalan coast a unique example of how the bravery of nature impacts the landscape on a whim.

Since I was a child, I have made regular visits to the region, whether I was on vacation or traveling for educational purposes. I feel fortunate that Costa Brava is close to my home in Barcelona. Over time, the region became the place where I could stop time — a dreamlike location where time and place collide.

Last year, I decided to make a photographic project documenting my visits to Costa Brava. I wanted to review its tiny villages in order to portray the beauty of its charm. One-by-one, I turned my camera toward villages like Begur, Platja d’Aro, and Palamós, capturing everything from their wide landscapes to intricate details.

My project, “Beneath the Coast,” explores the beauty found in the ordinary small aspects of life. These photos are my ode to the sea and the harmony of Costa Brava.

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Griselda Duch
Griselda Duch is a photographer a Spanish photographer. She studied Travel & Tourism at the University of Barcelona, where her interest in travel and photography was sparked. Travel is a constant source of inspiration in Griselda’s life and plays a key role in her photography, acting as a personal diary. To her, photography is where time and place connect into fragments of memory. Capturing everyday situations, she also photographs landscapes, concept-based projects addressing aesthetic, still life, and architectural. She’s currently living and working in Barcelona on personal and commissioned projects.