Anjali Pinto is a professional photographer based in Chicago, IL. She has compiled a list of some of her favorite places to take out-of-towners so that they feel like a local when they leave. 

Anjali used Roadless, a great new platform that allows users to explore destinations around the world with content from their social networks and from featured users.


Here are Anjali’s Chicago picks:

The PublicanChicago Cultural CenterThe Publican
 – This restaurant has a reputation for being excellent, and they have continued to live up to that hype for years. The service, restaurant decor and food alike are all memorable components to a lovely evening out.

Chicago Cultural Center – A free, beautiful city hangout with a library feel and gallery on the second floor. Free admission, and a great place to rest during a long day of exploring.

Bang Bang Pie Shop – A counter-service gem that specializes in all things decadent – cold brew coffee, biscuits and bacon, and specialty pies. Order a slice of each and bring a friend to help you.

Sprout HomeParsonsSprout Home – This floral and gardening shop is one-of-a-kind. For anyone passionate about home decor, their unique plant collection is a feast for the eyes. It’s also a great place to shop for a gift!

Parson’s Chicken & Fish – Try the hushpuppies and thank me later. This new spot has been abuzz all summer with its gorgeous patio and top notch chefs frying up chicken and fresh fish.

The Modern Wing at The Art Institute of Chicago – This feat of architecture constantly has stunning, world-renowned exhibitions and is located just off Millennium Park. I love the open ceiling layout inside, and if the deck is open it offers an incredible lookout over the city’s most notable park.

Garfield Park ConservatorySalvage OneGarfield Park Conservatory – The best excursion for a cold Chicago day, this giant glass ceiling houses an impressive collection of tropical plants from all of the world. Free entry and a whole lot of clean air to be had.
Longman & Eagle – Eat, Sleep, Whiskey. This restaurant is special in that it’s open nearly 24-hours and still makes some of the best food in the city. With a boutique hotel above the restaurant, their brunch, lunch and dinner all hit the spot.


Salvage One – This four-story space is home to some of the most interesting displays of furniture, artifacts and art. Explore the space on the weekend and find a surprise around every corner. Don’t miss the back patio, which has a  “Chicago” sculptural sign begging to be photographed.

The Dock at Montrose – This quiet view of the Chicago skyline on a clear day is the perfect spot for a picnic, a suntan or a sunset stroll. It’s never as busy as North Avenue beach and just as beautiful.


Words and curation by: Anjali Pinto (@anjalipinto)