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Meeting the Yellow-Eyed Penguin: An Encounter with the World’s Rarest Penguin

“Do the penguins know we’re here?” asks the little girl. “Yes, they do,” replies Dan, our tour guide and penguin expert. “But because we’re looking at them through such a small hole in the wall,...

Road-tripping New Zealand with Mum

“The bridge must be just over there, I can hear the water!” I said to my Mum, motioning past the thicket of bush just to our right. “Yes” she answered cheerily, “I’m fine!” a smile...

New Zealand: From Lake Tekapo to Christchurch

Australian Photographer Jimmy Raper is currently on a whirlwind trip though the Americas. Before arriving at his first destination, he decided to make a week-long pitstop in New Zealand. There, he rented a campervan and...

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