Journey Through Canada by train


The Future is on Board

At 40, VIA Rail has reached its stride, connecting over 400 communities geographically, socially and ecologically.

Passion Passport is dedicated to the connection of people and communities throughout the world, and we love that VIA Rail has solid roots and an exceptional work ethic, allowing them to solidify their place as the best way to connect to communities throughout Canada.

With the momentum VIA Rail has built, we know they’ll continue helping people to travel in a safe and sustainable way. And we’re humbled to be working with a veritable institution of Canadian connection.

Montreal to Toronto

Our first trip with VIA Rail took us from Montreal and Toronto to Ottawa this winter. Travelers boarded VIA trains in Montreal and Toronto and converged on Canada’s capital for a day of custom experiences. Among those were a private tour of the National Gallery, a food tour of Byward Market and a golden hour sunset shoot atop the Andaz Hotel.

Benoit Huot

Benoit is a Paralympic athlete, entrepreneur, and member of the Order of Canada, based in Montreal, Canada.

Anne McIsaac

Anne is a photo artist and art director based in Montreal, Canada.

Rajeshta Julatum

Rajeshta is a Content Creator and a 4th year Interior Design student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Taku Kumabe

Taku is a freelance photographer and print designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Halifax to Montreal

To watch winter thaw and Canada turn green, we embarked on a tour of three of the country’s most beautiful cities. We departed from Nova Scotia’s charming harbor-front capital of Halifax and the bustling metropolis of Montreal to end our journey in Quebec City, a unique destination that charmed us with its history, culinary scene, and old-world architecture.

Musemo Handahu

Musemo (Mo) is a multi-faceted creative based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

Dave Culligan

Dave is a filmmaker based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Naomi Fontaine

Naomi is a web designer in Montreal who has a passion for photography and travel.

Jeff Frenette

Jeff is a freelance photographer based in Montreal, Canada.

Upcoming Journeys

Toronto to Vancouver

Starting in two of the most recognizable Canadian cities, we’ll head to Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatoon for days of creative-led workshops at hidden gems locations that keep these places thriving.

Prince Rupert to Jasper

The beauty of Canada comes to life when we head to Jasper to experience Jasper National Park. From explorations through the raw landscape to photography workshops on board our VIA Rail train, we’ll come together to document what the real Canada has to offer.

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