Sasha Wang (@staialborgo)

From: Shenyang, China

Living in: Florence, Italy




Favorite spot in Florence: Piazza della Passera

Must-see museum: Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia

Most impressive architecture: Brunelleschi’s Dome

Best gelateria: Gelateria Della Passera

Best place for traditional Italian: Il Magazzino

Best coffee shop: Ditta Artigianale

Best Chinese restaurant in Florence: Fulin

Recommended day trips from Florence: Bologna; La Foce, Tuscany


There are many differences between Italy and China but, surprisingly, there are many similarities, too. In fact, one of Sasha Wang’s friends called Italy “the China of Europe” after she visited.

Sasha moved to Florence, the Italian city that was the birthplace of the Renaissance, with her husband and son in 2015.

She loves that Florence, known as “Firenze” to locals, is a perfect combination of urban and rural life. In 20 minutes, Sasha could walk to a world-renowned museum or drive into the rolling hills of Tuscany.

No stranger to living away from home (Sasha went to university in Hong Kong and stayed in the city after graduation), Sasha found that, despite being able to overcome the language barrier, the one thing she can’t change is her stomach.

She’s always craving good Asian cuisine, and is happy when she can return to China for visits. Brief stints back in Hong Kong provide Sasha more than just food, though.

After living in Florence for six months, Sasha found herself on homesick after only a few days on holiday with her husband and son. But it wasn’t China she was homesick for.

It was Florence.

That’s when she knew where home was.  

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