My relationship with Balearica began in the summer of 2017, while I was browsing in my local bookstore.

Through the course of wandering through the shelves, I eventually stumbled across a travel guide about Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands. It was a small book with a beautiful photograph of the famous Favàritx lighthouse surrounded by stars on its cover.

A single photo, and I was hooked.

After researching destinations in the region — from famous tourist attractions to more uncommon spots — I finally settled on the idea to voyage to several instead of just one.

I started my trip in the south of Menorca, near the Son Bou area — a perfect place to relax and enjoy striking sunsets. From there, I visited Fornells, where I indulged in a traditional Menorcan dish called Caldereta. Then, I ventured to the municipalities of Alaior, Maó, and, finally, Mercadal, which is located on the geometric center of the island.

Menorca is a place that calls you to collect moments, and the best I experienced while there were near the sea. The sea always evokes strong feelings that I have a difficult time describing — both to others and to myself.

Through my photographs, a visual narrative story of my trip to the second largest Balearic Island is told. I tried to recreate the mystery of the unknown and the unstable presence of the beauty I found there. I highlighted the small details, the touches of color, and the many aesthetic elements of the Mediterranean island that now only exist for me in my memories and photos.

So often in my life, I experience disconcerting feelings of overdosed wanderlust, an urge to explore, and a love for places I have never even been. I wanted my pictures from Menorca — full of vibrant scenes with neon tones, dazzling lights, and turquoise backgrounds — to showcase these feelings and resemble a summer dream. To this day, they are my visual account of fernweh.