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Whitney Brown is a recent journalism graduate and travel writer based in Utah. She has lived in France and Ireland, and she's always planning her next big adventure. In addition to her passion for travel, Whitney loves archaeology, photography and floral design.
A man weaving textiles at a loom.

Threads Around the World: Talking Textiles With Deb Brandon

“As I weave a textile, every so often pausing to gaze at the emerging patterns, I feel as if I am breathing life into it, and when I free it from the loom, I...

Why Feminism Matters in the Travel Space

After seeing the same stereotypical photographs of female travelers circulating across social media platforms, photographer Alina Rudya vowed to set the record straight. Though Alina doesn’t hold anything against women who post these standard...
A field of wildflowers during Golden Hour

Taking Climate Action vs. Feeling Climate Anxiety

There’s no way around it: learning about climate change is draining. It’s frustrating. And it’s frightening. I’ve thought a lot about it lately, and it’s been eye-opening, but it hasn’t exactly benefitted my mental health....
Man near rice terrace. Add Balinese rice dishes to your foodie's bucket list!

A Foodie’s Guide to Bali

Picture this: smoothie bowls full of tropical fruit, banana leaves stuffed with grilled fish, plates stacked high with rice, veggies, and smoked meat. If your mouth is already watering, you just might have discovered...
Characters on a temple.

How to (Actually) Speak a Foreign Language While Traveling

If you haven’t brushed up on your Spanish, French, or German since graduating from high school, you might feel nervous about traveling to a country where the people speak one of those languages. You...
A winding film reel against a gray background

6 Sundance Films that Embraced the Power of Travel

You can always count on the Sundance Film Festival to share outstanding independent films — and luckily for us, the festival screened quite a few travel-related flicks this year. Whether those films shined a...
Crossing a bridge during an eco-friendly road trip

Planning an Eco-Friendly Road Trip

Not long ago, two of my close friends packed their car for an 800-mile road trip. They loaded their daughter into her car seat, turned on their favorite music, and stocked up on their...

6 of the Top Film Festivals in the World

Of all the worldwide events that emphasize the role of storytelling in modern society, film festivals are perhaps the most impactful. After all, they do much more than just highlight feel-good flicks and offer...
A man selling baskets, as pictured on social media.

How to Better Use Social Media in Your Travel Storytelling

There’s no doubt about it: social media is a powerful tool. After all, the major platforms now count more than three billion total users — a huge population that includes your friends and acquaintances,...


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