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Whitney Brown is a recent journalism graduate and travel writer based in Utah. She has lived in France and Ireland, and she's always planning her next big adventure. In addition to her passion for travel, Whitney loves archaeology, photography and floral design.
A scuba diver near an underwater shipwreck.

4 Fascinating Underwater Archaeological Sites

Below the surface of our planet’s oceans, seas, and lakes, archaeologists find clues about cultures that haven’t seen the light of day in years — and in many cases, in centuries or even millennia....
A map, some euros, a camera, and a compass.

Rewards Tips for International Travelers

We all have dreams of visiting foreign countries and seeing the world, but unfortunately, our bank accounts often impede our travel plans. Our dollars and dimes usually dictate where we go, how long we...
Sustainable friendships: two women pose outside Nordkirchen Castle in Germany.

Sustainable Travel, Sustainable Friendships

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you’ve probably befriended a few people you’ve crossed paths with during your travels. On the road, we have a natural tendency to seek connection, so we often want...
Switzerland in the fall (shoulder season).

10 Shoulder Season Destinations to Explore This Year

And just like that, peak season has come to an end. Around the world, travelers have returned home and resumed their everyday lives, keeping incredible memories and wanderlust-inducing photos as their souvenirs. We hope you...
A close-up of purple bougainvillea, a plant discovered by Jeanne Baret.

Famous Travel Expeditions: Jeanne Baret, Female Circumnavigator

Although few people know her name, Jeanne Baret deserves a place on the list of history’s most badass explorers. At a time when the French Navy forbade women from setting foot on their ships,...
Nuruosmaniye Mosque, a place of worship in Islam.

How to Respect Islam While Visiting Istanbul

Islamophobia is an unfortunate reality of life in the 21st century (as well as many other centuries before it). But one of the best ways to combat prejudice, against Islam or anything else, is...
Kuçuksu Palace on Istanbul's Asian side.

An Explorer’s Guide to Istanbul’s Asian Side

No city bridges the divide between East and West quite like Istanbul. The buzzing metropolis occupies a geographic location where Asia meets Europe, and although the European side is home to more touristy hotspots,...
Exterior of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

A Guide to Exploring Istanbul’s Mosques

If Istanbul is famous for anything, it’s the city's many mosques. These intricately decorated structures dot the cityscape, standing as a testament to the enduring power of inspiring architecture. And between the mosques’ striking...
Fall colors in the backcountry of New England

Photographing Fall Colors with Chris Daniele

Autumn is in the air. Before long, entire landscapes will be awash in photogenic red, orange, and yellow leaves. But there’s more to fall photography than pointing and shooting, so we asked New England-based...

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