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Whitney Brown is a recent journalism graduate and travel writer based in Utah. She has lived in France and Ireland, and she's always planning her next big adventure. In addition to her passion for travel, Whitney loves archaeology, photography and floral design.
Newgrange, an important site in archaeology.

What Archaeology Has Taught Me About Humanity

I stared at him intently, attempting to memorize every detail etched into his skin. He wasn’t much to look at, but I couldn’t look away. He gazed back with vacant eyes, never acknowledging that...
Dusky clouds over a darkening ocean.

12 Ways to Live Sustainably in 2019

2019 is officially here, bringing both new possibilities for personal growth and familiar threats to our planet’s survival. With climate change rearing its ugly head ever higher, untold amounts of plastic polluting our oceans,...
Two children and a box of sidewalk chalk

Why Travelers Should Avoid Volunteering in Orphanages

It’s a familiar story. Well-meaning student goes to a developing country, volunteers in an orphanage, and falls in love with the children living there. Student returns home, shares photos of adorable kids, writes about the...
An exhibit in Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts.

6 Museums You Should Visit While in Montreal

While New York City and London are often viewed as the museum capitals of the world, they’re far from the only cities with a wide variety of interesting exhibits and installations. In Montreal’s museums,...
Mikaël (left) and Thibault (right) photograph and interview the people of Montreal.

Meet the People of Montreal

A man in a baseball cap and sunglasses, recounting how he immigrated from Portugal as a teenager. A woman bundled up against the lightly falling snow, explaining how she became the first person from...
Victor Cheng holds a camera and walks through a colorful corridor.

Becoming a Full-Time Photographer: A Conversation with Victor Cheng

Victor Cheng is the photographer behind the popular Instagram account @veeceecheng, where he posts colorful, eye-popping images from around the world. Although Victor previously worked at a creative agency, he recently left his job...

Looking Back at the Paris Agreement: Where Are We Now?

On December 12, 2015, the world had a major reason to rejoice. It was the penultimate day of COP21, a 14-day summit in Paris that scrutinized climate change from just about every angle. The...
A brightly lit holiday market in Moscow, Russia.

A Holiday Escape for Every Type of Traveler

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — that glorious season when relaxed work schedules, school breaks, and winter weather collide. And for jet-setting travelers, this often means that it's time to get...
In West Hollywood, people are diverse, passionate, and authentic.

Meet the People of West Hollywood

The people who live and work in West Hollywood are a diverse group. Among their ranks are actors and athletes, comedians and musicians, small business owners and major executives, the LGBTQ community and native...