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Whitney Brown is a recent journalism graduate and travel writer based in Utah. She has lived in France and Ireland, and she's always planning her next big adventure. In addition to her passion for travel, Whitney loves archaeology, photography and floral design.
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Deconstructing Myths about Solo Travel for Women and More

Not all women are the same, and no female traveler is identical with any other. But that hasn’t stopped the world from coming up with a convenient set of assumed behaviors and stereotypes about...
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Why Intersectional Identity Matters in the Travel Space

A community is only as strong as it is inclusive.  This axiom is true in any setting — and it’s doubly pertinent in the travel space, where we pride ourselves on seeking connection and building...
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Our Earth Is Still Alive: Why We Need to Treat It That Way

Under a steel-gray sky over rocky terrain, they made their way to the crater. They wore thick coats, woolly hats, warm gloves--the would-be widow’s weeds of a group of grieving Icelanders. The mourners included Iceland’s...
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The Truth About the Trees in Ireland

Tens of thousands of feet above the ground, I peered out the airplane window, feeling equal parts nervous and excited. I was moments away from reaching my home for the summer — Ireland, the Emerald...

An Alternative Shopping Guide to Toronto

In a city as dynamic as Toronto, it’s easy for travelers to fill their days (and their suitcases) by wandering in and out of shops and making a few purchases as they go. On...

A Guide to Toronto’s International Food Scene

Toronto is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities — and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the city’s culinary scene. In restaurants, cafés, markets, and grocery stores scattered...
Sunrise near Los Cuernos

Exploring Patagonia with Photographer Kyle Miller

Photographer Kyle Miller is no stranger to adventure. In the past few years, he’s traveled all over the world, but his recent journey to Patagonia just might have been his favorite travel experience yet....
The skyline in Paris, where some people experience Paris Syndrome.

Paris Syndrome: Keeping Your Expectations in Check While Traveling

“There is but one Paris, and however hard living may be here, and if it became worse and harder even — the French air clears up the brain and does good — a world...
An unusual angle of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Unexpected Destinations for Every Month of the Year

We could probably guess at least a few of the items on your travel bucket list. There’s a good chance that it includes some of the world’s most popular cultural events and destinations, like...


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