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Tara Worthington
Tara is a writer at heart and a traveler by nature, recently making the move from her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, to Melbourne, Australia. When she isn't thinking up new stories, she's dreaming of faraway places — and potentially adding them to a wanderlust list as long as her arm.
Fields at sunset in Soblówka, Poland

The Land of the Fields: Poland’s Great Outdoors

When Poland springs to mind you might find yourself contemplating a delicious pierogi or a glass of Bison Grass Vodka in the gothic metropolis of Warsaw. However, the country’s magic extends far beyond its...
Aerial view of Krakow, Poland

Medieval Castles, Mines, and Monasteries: Poland’s Millennium of Heritage

Poland is home to a multitude of fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites — it's majestic medieval castles, luscious primeval forests, and bustling political centers giving true precedence to the country’s natural and cultural importance....
Person with backpack looks out to distant mountains next to lakeside shore

How to Pack Sustainably

With steadily increasing concerns over the current state of our planet and the ongoing issue of climate change, more of us are eagerly adopting the practices of sustainable living. These everyday changes can include...
Sea of forest before snow capped mountains in Yosemite Valley, United States

How to Travel with a Small Carbon Footprint in 2019

Happy Earth Week, Passion Passport community! In honor of Earth Day 2019, we're bringing you new sustainable travel content every day this week, with each story aiming to celebrate eco-travelers, low-impact ways of living,...

A Guide to Bali’s Rainy Season

With its distinct culture, lush flora and fauna, grandiose temples, bustling beachside clubs, and myriad market stalls, Bali makes for a tropical getaway that ticks most boxes. Bali’s busiest season runs from May to...


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