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Tara Worthington
Tara is a writer at heart and a traveler by nature. Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, she loves to see new parts of the world and spent 18 months living across the ditch in Melbourne, Australia. When she isn't thinking up new stories, Tara's dreaming of faraway places — and potentially adding them to a wanderlust list as long as her arm.
chai tea history emily nathan

The Chai Story: A History of India’s Most-Loved Drink

This post has been made possible by a partnership with Kamalan. One of the oldest drinks in history and a staple in many South Asian countries, Chai is instantly recognizable in a variety of different...

Six Budget European Destinations

For those of us whose dreams are bigger than our bank accounts, thinking up our next big European adventure can often seem unattainable and, therefore, a little discouraging. Because let’s face it — sometimes...
Woman overlooks ocean coastline

How to Date Yourself: The Solitary, Satisfying Art

Recently, I found myself with a weekend void of plans. I had nowhere to be and nothing to do. So, I took myself out on a date. I traveled into the city and spent...
white sand beaches of the cyclades islands

Explore the Greek Islands on a Budget

So you’ve set your sights on Europe and are dreaming of a magical trip to Greece, but you’ve got one problem: a holiday cruising the Greek islands sounds way over budget. Well, I’m here...
Sea of forest before snow capped mountains in Yosemite Valley, United States

How to Travel with a Small Carbon Footprint

Happy Climate Week, Passion Passport community! In honor of Climate Week, we're bringing you new sustainable travel content every day this week, with each story aiming to celebrate eco-travelers, low-impact ways of living, and...

Top Women-Friendly Destinations for Adventure Vacations

Whether you’re dreaming of unspoiled nature or diverse cities teeming with culture, there are plenty of destinations around the globe offering women adventure on vacations. Embark on an empowering solo voyage or take the...
building with blue door and sun design

What To Do in Greece, for Every Traveler

Greece is a travel junkie’s dream; with it’s golden, sandy beaches, rich ancient history, delicious cuisine, and rugged mountain scenery, there’s simply something for everyone. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, romantic escapes, beach parties...
villages in france

France’s Rural Towns You Have to Visit

Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of traveling to France, chances are you can still imagine the glittering lights of Paris, the enchanting Mont-Saint Michel, or the aqua-beauty of the French Riviera. The...
adventure travel in new zealand

An Adventure Junkie’s Guide to New Zealand

If lounging poolside for days on end sends you loopy, but sliding down a 50-foot hill on a toboggan gets you giddy, then this is the guide for you. Leave your relaxation at the...


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