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Shaylyn Berntson
Shaylyn Berntson is a California-based photographer. She credits her love for the outdoors to having grown up in Idaho - where she plans to settle one day. Till then, you can find her high in the mountains, or planning yet another trip to Africa.

TBLI 7, Chapter 5: The Northern Circuit – Tracking Hominins

https://vimeo.com/179084712 What in the world did you get yourself into? I murmured, trying to dig the grime out from underneath my fingernails. I'd made it safely to Arusha after having spent an awe-inspiring few days...

TBLI 7, Chapter 4: Lake Natron – There Are No Words

https://vimeo.com/178437548 A curiously off-the-beaten-path destination, Lake Natron represented a goal I had long ago conceded defeat to. Information on how to get there was limited, and any directions that did exist were quite vague. I’d...

TBLI 7, Chapter 3: Tanga and Arusha – From Sea to Meru

https://vimeo.com/177784829 I was inundated with premature nostalgia as I secured the final buckle of my backpack. How can I extend my stay, I wondered. I had so quickly fallen in love with Tanzania, and especially...

TBLI Round 7, Chapter 2: Zanzibar and Pemba – Are We Still In Tanzania?

[vimeo 177380768 w=100 h=360] A frantic, hurried sprint to the ferry port in Dar left me anxious, sweating and out of breath. Somehow, I managed to fill the last available seat on the boat. My...

TBLI Round 7, Chapter 1: Dar – First Impressions

10,000 miles - that was the approximate distance I was to cover from San Francisco to Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania. I arrived at the airport all business. I was far too preoccupied with checking in...


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