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Sean Slobodan
Sean Slobodan grew up making films on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Slobodan’s instinct for narrative takes him across the globe, working as both a director and cinematographer from Samoa to Spain. He is the founder of Local.Studio in Salt Lake City, where he lives with his wife, Megan, and their children Evelyn, Penelope, and Paul.
backpacker in canyon ravine

A Silver Screen Tour of Utah: Zion National Park

The country's national parks might be closed right now, but work goes on behind the scenes to preserve their spirit of adventure and prepare them for the next generation of visitors. When Zion National...

Travel Video: The Color of California

https://vimeo.com/167788267 Besides the traffic, most people can agree that California has a stunning range of varied topography, especially in comparing the north and south. For Sean Slobodan, a Utah-based director and  founder of Local.Studio, being...


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