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Sara Melotti

My name is Sara, I'm an artist, former dancer, photographer, writer, traveler, and dreamer. I'm originally from Italy, but I live in NYC when I'm not on the road chasing beauty. I used to be a fashion photographer, but I left that world for the real one and now I take portraits of the beautiful people I meet on my travels. You can see my work on my website and follow my travel fairytales on Instagram.

A Solo Female Traveler in India

It’s an excruciatingly hot day in Jodhpur. I'm sitting on the rooftop of my guesthouse, observing life below. The car horns from the street are relentless; loud music streams over from the building behind...

Portraits of Beauty in Ethiopia

Photographer Sara Melotti traveled to Ethiopia this summer and spent time shooting portraits of the women there for her personal photography project, Quest for Beauty. The women in Ethiopia gave her a new perspective...


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