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Sarah Heath
Sarah is a freelance writer, journalist and podcaster with a digital creation business based in southwest France. Her fascination with the French history, culture, and people has yet to be dimmed. She writes a blog on her adventures there and her ultimate goal is to run the Médoc marathon so she can combine two of her favorite activities at the same time – running while eating.
morocco road trip

A Road Trip through Morocco: A Visit to the Coast and Beyond

With its unique culture and spicy cuisine, set against a stunning backdrop where desert meets the sea, Morocco has so much to offer. On top of it all, flights to Marrakech from mainland Europe...
things to do in czechia micheal saidov

Unique Things to Do in Czechia

Prague is perhaps deservedly the main pull for tourists visiting Czechia (formerly the Czech Republic). Its mind-boggling, brightly-colored buildings and intricate history make for several weeks’-worth of visiting. But to escape the throngs of...
unesco world heritage sites in france david kohler

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France: A Walk through the Past

France has already been rated the number-one tourist destination in the world by the UN World Tourism Association in 2018. While Paris certainly pulls in the crowds, the UNESCO sites have also brought in...


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