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Paige Sheffield is a writer and traveler from Michigan. Though she’s traveled to various places, she often finds herself going back to China. She has lived in Beijing and Chengdu. Regardless of where she goes, she’s always on the lookout for the best places to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Caffeine Culture: The History of Coffee in Puerto Rico

Coffee has a deep history in Puerto Rico, dating back to 1736. Over the next hundred years, the coffee industry continued to grow, reaching its peak in the nineteenth century. However, by the the...

Everything You Need to Know about Jordanian Hospitality

When you visit Jordan, you’re likely to hear “ahlan wa sahlan” — which means “welcome” — on a regular basis. Though hospitality and generosity are associated with many people and places, these characteristics are...
A street artist uses flames to work on his next project.

A Guide to Street Art in Amman

Dina Toukan and Leen AlHaddad believe that hunting down street art should be on every traveler’s to-do list. With the goal of raising awareness about street art in Amman, Jordan, and encouraging people to...
A graffiti-covered skate park ramp overlooking a river with a skyline in the background

How to Fall in Love with Helsinki on a Budget

With its vibrant neighborhoods, saunas, and innovative and minimalistic design, there’s a lot to love about Helsinki. Like other Scandinavian cities, however, this Finnish city has a reputation for being pretty expensive. Though Helsinki...
A row of bookshelves in a library

In Writers’ Footsteps: A Literary Guide to Paris

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”...
Rainbow street art on a building's side

East London: A Center for Creation and Innovation

Once largely known for its rough-around-the-edges demeanor and its industrial sites, East London has transformed into a multicultural, creative haven. Now home to a wide range of neighborhoods featuring well-known pubs, art galleries, and...
Aerial view of Paris with Notre Dame gargoyle on left

How to Visit Paris on a Budget and Still Make Your Friends Jealous

From the glimmer of the Eiffel Tower to the taste of French wine and baguettes, Paris is a daydream-worthy destination. Though the city of lights might seem like a place of glamor and indulgence,...

A Literary Guide to Chicago

People have long associated certain cities with writers and literary history (ahem, Paris). While Chicago, in contrast, usually evokes images of deep-dish pizza, sports, comedy clubs, and public art, literature also has deep roots...

Experience Chicago’s Lesser-known Museums

You’ve probably heard of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History, but Chicago is home to many other interesting museums as well. Though they might not be as well...


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