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Natalia Iwanek
Natalia Iwanek is a queer Toronto-based freelance copy editor, proofreader, and writer. With a passion for literature and languages, this self-proclaimed bookworm devours and collects books at an alarming pace. Originally hailing from Poland, with Ukrainian ancestry, perpetually-traveling Natalia was raised in Toronto and has lived in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Guatemala, and Argentina.

Land of the Midnight Sun: Travel to Yellowknife, NWT

A glimpse of the icy tundra slowly spread across my line of vision, as my eyes strained to see through the frost-covered windows of the late evening flight. Propellers whirring, the plane descended for...
ukrainian flag

Exploring My Immigrant Identity While Visiting Communism Memorials

“Privit!” thundered the immigration official at Borispil International Airport. After an uncomfortably long silence, she slowly slid my stamped passport under the thick plexiglass window without breaking eye contact. I breathed a sigh of...
warsaw night market under neon lights

A Queer Immigrant Story: My Polish “Homecoming”

For many, the immigrant experience can be best described as the state of existing on the peripheries of two cultures, none of which truly feel like home. Despite attempts at assimilation, immigrants often feel...
mural of argentine LGBTQ activist Carlos Jauregui

Carlos Jáuregui: Profiling a Legendary Argentinian Queer Activist

“De todas las discriminaciones, la que a mí me ha tocado padecer en forma particular es el desamparo legal.” - “Of all the discrimination, the one that has touched me in particular is legal...
queer milongas

In Step with Buenos Aires’ Queer Milongas Scene

With its progressive laws and legislation, and efforts toward becoming a more inclusive society, Argentina has recently come to exemplify what the LGBTQ+ community strives for worldwide. In particular, 2010’s “La Ley de Matrimonio...


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