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Michael Henein

Michael Henein is a Greek-born Egyptian with a nomadic spirit, getting the itch for travel every few months. He has lived in numerous cities in the U.S. and Europe and spent 8 years in Dubai, where half his family still resides. His favorite thing is to wander around cities, newly and previously visited, taking photographs for hours. He hopes to maintain his nomadic lifestyle for many years to come, but with a permanent base in New York City. You can follow Michael's peripatetic lifestyle at www.kairostrvl.com. Be sure to check out www.michaelhenein.com as well, where you can buy some of his photos!

The Real Dubai

As we drove away from downtown and toward the creek, the buildings got older, smaller, and darker; the alley ways dirtier. I thought I was in another country entirely. It’s incredible to see the...


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