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The Passport Project, Part Six: Leaving Dakar

Our trip back to Dakar was uneventful, but when we arrived in the city, it was surprising how familiar it felt. We’d saved a few days in the capital city for the end of the...
A man and a group of children making the peace signs.

The Passport Project, Part Five: Saint-Louis

I’ve taken budget bus-rides in many different countries, but nothing prepared for the journey from Dakar to Saint-Louis.  When we saw that the bus was already piled high with luggage but was not slated...

The Passport Project, Part Four: A Haunting History

Without fail, every book, blog, and local we consulted insisted that we had to spend a day on Ile de Goree, an island off the coast that was infamous for the role it played...

The Passport Project, Part Three: The Meaning of Family

To say Mohammed was nervous on our second morning in Dakar would be an understatement, but I struggled to come up with a better word: “antsy,” maybe, “worked up,” or, as the kids are...

The Passport Project, Part Two: My Country

I sincerely wish everyone traveling to Dakar could see it through Mohammed’s eyes. Even while planning the trip, it became clear that this foreign land across the ocean had been calling to him since the...

The Passport Project, Part One: It’s A Lot

As our yellow cab cut through the drizzly Manhattan morning, I went over the checklist that was engrained in my head. Pick up extra sunblock. Tell Wells Fargo about my travel plans. ...


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