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Lee Litumbe

With passions in design and photography, Lee Litumbe is a Cameroonian by birth, American by upbringing, and nomad at heart with a deep rooted appreciation for a well-traveled and adventure filled life. For more of her travels and work, visit and follow her on Instagram @spiritedpursuit.

Photo Essay: Namibia

In this photo essay, Lee Litumbe (@spiritedpursuit) invites you to journey to Namibia with her to marvel at the diverse, luscious landscapes, learn about and build relationships with local Namibians, and enjoy the freedom and...

Five Places to Explore in Cameroon

Located in West Africa, Cameroon is any adventurer's dream. Nicknamed "Africa in miniature", the bi-lingual (French and English) country offers an active volcanic mountain, lush equatorial jungles (the 1984 adaptation of Tarzan was filmed...


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