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Kino Alyse
Kino Alyse works as a freelance landscape and destination photographer. She was born in Denver, Colorado and currently resides in Rome, Italy. She attended university towards her degree in astrophysics and adores silly socks and cosplay.

Photography Basics: Lightroom Editing

LESSON 23: LIGHTROOM EDITING You frame the shot, position the lens, click the shutter, and now you’ve got yourself a photo. But even if the image looks great on playback, there’s still some work to...
Cocullo skyline

A Day at the Cocullo Snake Festival

Have you ever seen a snake crowd-surf? On the first Thursday of May, in the mid-eastern Italian town of Cocullo, you just might. A marriage of paganism and Catholicism, Cocullo’s Festival of Serpents is...

Learning to Leave No Trace

I spent much of my childhood in the frost-tipped mountains of Colorado with my father, carrying everything I needed to survive on my back. On every Coloradan trail, there is a dominatingly large, weathered...


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