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Kien Lam is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His works on his site Where and Wander to inspire and introduce people to unique places, experiences and adventures around the world. Since quitting his job in finance in 2010, he has traveled to over 50 countries to check off items on his never ending Bucket List.
videographer walking on a plane's wing

Our Passport to Yours: Videography Tips with Kien Lam

A Little Bit About Me…  I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. I got interested in photography through 35mm film in college, but went on to work in finance in San Francisco...

Travel Video: Cities on the Edge of Nature in British Columbia

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63iT1o8nzzk Kien Lam is a San Francisco based photographer, filmmaker and visual storyteller specializing in lifestyle and travel stories. His journey to becoming a professional photographer officially began when he decided to quit his cushy...


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