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Katherine Whittaker
Based in Athens, Greece, Katherine is a food editor-turned-food writer and cofounder of Uncover Mag, where she writes about how much she loves Athens. Her favorite part about traveling is eating where the locals eat, even if she doesn't always know exactly what's on her plate.
athens greece at sunset

Moving to Greece: The Risks and Rewards

Moving to Greece has been one of the biggest decisions of my life. Being half Greek, it has always been a part of me and I wanted that chance to explore that half. Many...
empty restaurant in greece

COVID-19: The Fear and The Hope

It was the first day of summer weather. I was outside at a cafe, getting ready to meet with a friend about a project we would work on through the spring. I was also...
landscape of crete greece

The Best Meal I Ever Had Was Greek Food in Crete

I will never forget my first feature assignment for a few reasons. For one, it was absolutely the most stressful time of my life, but I also discovered the perfect fried potato amongst the...
best greek islands

Greek Islands to Visit Other than Santorini

I remember very clearly the first time I went to Santorini. It was right before the tourist season started (late April/early May), and it was stunning. I saw some great sunsets. But the first...
living in buenos aires

Returning Home to Buenos Aires

When I tell people I studied abroad in Argentina in college, I always make sure they know I mean “studied” in the loosest terms possible. It wasn’t that I didn’t go to class so...
instagram guide to athens

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Athens

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, you might also be imagining how your Instagram posts will look: whitewashed buildings and technicolor sunsets. Let’s be real, you won’t find this in the country’s capital...
grilling in argentina

Grilling in Argentina: Beyond a Passion

When I think of Buenos Aires, several things come to mind: penguinos—the ceramic penguins that you can order filled with wine at local bars—and the purple jacaranda trees that bloom every spring. But without...
instagram guide to argentina

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Argentina

Argentina is full of extremes, from cactus-spotted deserts to immense glaciers, providing the perfect opportunity for photographers. After you have finished taking snapshots of nature, you’ll find that even the country’s capital, Buenos Aires,...


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