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Kate Magee

By trade, Kate is a photographer who shoots with a perennial simplicity. By passion, she is a traveler, a sister and a folk-music enthusiast who happens to use a lens as her medium. After spending two years taking photos throughout Africa, Kate is now nesting in Richmond, Virgina where she is building a community of friends, compulsively scouring antique stores, and feverishly searching for travel deals. You can see more of Kate's work on her website, www.katemagee.com

Seeing Hope and Beauty in Kenya

Photographer Kate Magee spent two years living in Kenya, splitting her time between the capital city of Nairobi, the oasis of Mombasa, and the Northern desert. In visiting those areas, she learned how diverse...

In the Hills of Sudan

In 2009, I boarded a 4-seater puddle jumper jet and fearfully held my breath as we took off into the sky above Sudan. The further we traveled, the closer the mountains became. Though I...

Singing, Dancing, and Educating: A Women’s Health Initiative in Zimbabwe

There is an African proverb that says, “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” This year, when I boarded a plane to Zimbabwe on my 31st birthday,  I had no idea that...

Exploring the Depths of Uganda

Last summer, my friend, Stepha, and I realized we were due for an adventure. We didn’t just want to venture somewhere blindly, though; we wanted to travel somewhere intentionally, and with purpose. Stepha had...


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