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Hailing from the foothills of Northern California, Kacie is a writer and an editor who's worked on everything from quarterly surf magazines to art books, novels, lookbooks, city guides, and shoddily printed zines. She's a bit of a story junkie, but we forgive her for that. To view more of her work, creep her website and Instagram.
A group of female photographers walking around in Latin America

Meet the Creative Who’s Leading All-Female Art Trips in Latin America

Amanda Björn has always had an innate interest in the relationship between bodies and space. Splitting time between Havana, Miami, and Los Angeles, the artist has explored her connection to these places through photography,...

Meet Toledo’s Last Master Sword-Maker

Documentarian Ben Derico recently ventured from his home city of Chicago to a tiny, ancient corner of Spain. There, he met a fourth-generation master sword-maker named Mariano and shadowed the craftsman at his workshop...

Journey to the Little Kingdom Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet. Yet, there remains a single country with a negative carbon footprint. Perched on the Himalayas’ eastern edge between two of the highest-polluting countries in the world,...

A Creative’s Guide to Montreal

Montreal is known across the globe as a city that breathes creativity. In fact, it has been referred to as one of North America’s most creative cities — on more than one occasion —...

Traversing Canada by Rail: Then and Now with Kal Barteski

When Kal Barteski boarded her train at Toronto’s Union Station, she was met with a familiar scene. She had taken the same route, bound for Vancouver, nearly 30 years prior and was shocked by...

How Vancouver is Embracing Folklore: A Q&A with Artist Ola Volo

Ola Volo is a Canadian illustrator who draws her distinctive style from history, multiculturalism, and folklore. Her work brings together animals, people, architecture, and nature to articulate scenes that are rich with symbolism and...

Meet the Mundari Tribe of South Sudan

When you enter Mattia Passarini’s website, you’re met with the phrase, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” After speaking with the photographer himself, I’d say those words are pretty fitting. Mattia’s...

Why You Should Visit Edmonton

Edmonton is a city that is quietly confident. Located in the heart of the western Canadian prairies, Alberta’s capital is home to a population of 1.3 million that embodies a welcoming spirit, a collaborative...

Empowering Edmonton Through Spoken Word: A Conversation with @Knowmadic

Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali is a community organizer, public speaker, youth worker, Somali refugee, and full-time father who has dedicated his time to enabling and empowering diverse communities within Edmonton. He’s the city’s poet laureate...


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