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Originally from Tennessee, Joseph Ozment is a writer and musician whose relationship with travel was shaped by growing up between the Southern U.S., Wales, and Hong Kong. So far, he's written for a newspaper in Russia, released a handful of home recordings, and started a novel (with plans for more, someday). When he's not busy running country roads or cheering on Liverpool FC, he's most likely making the next cup of coffee, or plans for the next trip.
Silhouette in the Observation Deck of the Hancock Center in Chicago, Illinois

A Tour of Chicago’s North Side with Tom Simmermaker

In the summer of 2014, Tom Simmermaker took the Amtrak to Chicago from his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. He and his friend Paul traveled to the city for 10 days of intensive study...

A Guide to Sports in Chicago

When it comes to sports, Chicago has a long, proud history. The city is home to franchises in the four major American sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) — all of which have been...

A Guide to Service in the Windy City

Make no mistake about it — Chicagoans are selfless and service-minded people. These attitudes reflect the city’s overall sense of community, one built on embracing adversity and becoming stronger through it. Humanitarian efforts have...
Water shines purple underneath a bridge and building

All Roads Lead to Russia: Anticipating the Upcoming World Cup

This month, the 21st FIFA World Cup will kick-off in the Russian capital of Moscow. It is sport’s largest competition, in the world’s largest country. The enormity of both is mystifying. Every four years,...


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